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Kalamboli: Unveiling the Thrilling and Enigmatic Side of Navi Mumbai’s Most Dynamic Suburb!

Kalamboli is prominent settlement in Navi Mumbai. It has lot to offer to real estate buyer. The city has many shopping mall, hospital, college, educational institution and luxury hotel. Besides the area is also hub for transportation and industrial activities. There are many project currently being built in the area.

In fact, the city of Navi Mumbai is ranked among the cleanest cities in India. In addition it is an excellent destination for traveler, having wide variety of courses, quality restaurants, and a golf course. Additionally city has several health care centers and shopping complexes, as well as a proposed metro line.

Kalamboli is situated at the junction of various National Highways. It is also home to a railway station. Besides, it is located close to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This, along with its excellent social infrastructure has encouraged the growth of the real estate market in the area.

Many hospitals have opened up in Kalamboli. This include the Indore Clinic, the Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital and Dhanvantari Hospital. The hospitals are connected to many schools including Carmel Convent High School and Vedant High School.

One of the significant executing agencies, the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), is responsible for the area’s development. CIDCO was established in 1956 under the Indian Companies Act. As the first agency CIDCO facilitated the development of the Navi Mumbai area. For the first ten years, CIDCO was the nodal authority for the entire project, providing basic infrastructure and collecting taxes on property, water and commercial.

Today Kalamboli is thriving residential and business hub in Navi Mumbai. It is home to numerous multinational corporation and host of multinational companies. Furthermore the area is also central transportation hub with many highway, buses and auto-rickshaws. Moreover it is strategic location for real estate investor because it is near commercial center and industrial park.

Another reason for the growth of Kalamboli is its proximity to employment centers. Many multinational and Indian firms have offices in the city, making it convenient to conduct business. In addition, the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport is also expected to be just 11 km from the city.

Several major hospitals are also present in Kalamboli. Some of the best medical facilities in the region are Fortis Hiranandani Hospital and MITR Hospital. Additional hospitals that are available in the city include the Jyothi Clinic, the Indore Clinic and the Satyam Multispecialty Hospital.

During the monsoon season, residents of Kalamboli suffer from high air pollution. Apart from that, the area is prone to heavy water logging. Since the city is low-lying, it witnesses heavy sludge influx during the rainy season.

Due to its strategic location the real estate industry in Kalamboli has been overgrown. Consequently several residential and commercial developments have been constructed in the area over the past few years.

From gaondevi mandir head toward west, then toward south toward and then head east to reach SHREE LAXMI NARAYAN TEMPLE.

From SHREE LAXMI NARAYAN TEMPLE heads toward west to Noorul Chicken Shop, then toward south to Pappu Radiator, then toward east to PRAMOD R.B. cahuhan, then toward south to reach Sai Temple Khidukpada.

From Sai Temple Khidukpada head toward south to Hotel Guru Krupa,then  towards west to Kalamboli Marg, then towards south to Kalamboli underpass,then toward west to reach Kalamboli Cricket Ground.

From Kalamboli Cricket Ground head toward west to Akbar Fruit Shop, then towards east to Dev Narayan Ice Cream, then toward north west to reach Shiv Shankar Temple.

From Shiv Shankar Temple head toward south to Hotel Aishwarya, then towards south to ONKAR MOBILE CENTER, then towards east, then south towards to Nisar Ahmad Varsi Shop, then towards east to Greater Khanda Link Rd to reach Viral Designs.

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