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Exploring the Hidden Gem of Navi Mumbai: Unraveling the Charm of Uran

When deciding on a travel destination to take your family to, you have to look for things like a good hotel, food options, transportation and the weather. In addition, you need to consider the tourist attractions in the area.

For instance, if you are looking for a beach worth the trip from Mumbai consider visiting Uran. And if you are looking for the best way to see the city, you should ride on the NMMT (Narvati Multimodal Transport). The NMMT operates a bus that connects Ekta Vihar to Chaar Phata every hour.

Another thing you should do is visit the Uran Koliwada temple. This temple is located on a hill in the Drona Giri region. It is Hindu temple with sea-facing facade.

You should also check out the Dargah of Hazrat Moinuddin Qadri. Located on the Uran-Karanja road, this shrine is a worthy stop if you are in the area.

Finally you should also check out the Jawaharlal Nehru port. This is the largest container terminal in the country and is significant source of income for the locals. As a bonus you can see decommissioned guided missile frigate which is fantastic.

While at it, you should also try to check out the Mankeshwar and Pirvad beaches. These are both few kilometers away from the main town of Uran. They could be better but they have a few niceties like a good view of the south end of Mumbai. Among the other tourist-friendly places to see are the Datta Mandir and Datta wadi.

You should also try eating at some local restaurants. The best time to go is around dinner time. However if you are pressed for time you can always head out on the open road and find place to eat.

From Shree Datta Temple heads towards south to Uran Mora rd, then toward west to reach Beldarwada PlayGround.

From Beldarwada PlayGround head towards east to Uran Mora rd, then towards south to reach Hanuman Mandir.

From Hanuman Mandir head towards south to Uran Mora Rd toward east to Uran Mora Rd toward west to reach Jari Mari Temple.

From Jari Mari Temple head towards south east to Meena Co-op Housing Society to reach Ganpati Mandir Balai Uran.

From Ganpati Mandir Balai Uran head towards south to HOTEL WELCOME R, then towards west to Nagmodi Bridges, then towards west to Uran Rd, then toward west to reach Viral Designs. 

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